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Bowling Sports Performance Institute


BSPI™ is the world’s leading educational organization dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the ten-pin bowling delivery. The Bowling Sports Performance program is a progressive and systematic method that leads to successfully Training and Building the complete bowling athlete through strength and conditioning principals.

At it’s core, the BSPI™ philosophy is to educate bowling industry, professional, collegiate, high school, youth athletes and the general playing public on functional movement and biomechanics as it applies to our sport. 



Heather is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and PWBA tour bowler. She has been training athletes at colleges for 5 years and training private clients with various goals for 10 years

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Johnny is a multi-sport athlete with a great passion for teaching and coaching. Since 1998, he has been a leader in helping others reach their own fitness, athletic, and bowling fitness goals.

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Clara Guerrero, Team Columbia & PWBA

Since I started training with Coach Heather D'Errico, I have noticed huge changes. I look and feel stronger than ever before, but most importantly, I am better conditioned for my sport at a higher level.


Shannon O'Keefe, Team USA & PWBA Champion

I’m so grateful to Heather for helping me find a safe way to workout at home, with what I have, and to change it up consistently enough so I’m not neglecting areas of my body or getting bored. I feel I’m stronger now than years ago being a crazy person in the gym.


Matt O'Grady, Winner PBA Tournament of Champions 

Johnny's fitness expertise for the sport of bowling is unmatched. The countless hours made to bowling fitness training is a testament to his dedication. If you're serious about improving your mind-muscle connection for the sport of bowling you should definitely seek his advice


Danny Wiseman, PBA & USBC Hall of Fame

I have known Johnny for years and sent bowling students to him, so they could achieve their bowling goals & improve their well being, mentally and physically. Johnny is one of the most knowledgeable fitness coaches I know! If you are a parent or youth bowler with aspirations for college or pro careers, BSPI will give you advantages no one else will have.

Training & building the complete bowling athlete

Physical performance is about movement development, not muscular development. Incorrect body mechanics caused by inadequate mobility and stability can produce poor efficiency, requiring more energy and effort to execute skills. At BSPI we train movement patterns rather than just muscular development. 

The Bowling Sports Performance programs are progressive and systematic methods that lead to successfully training and build the complete bowling athlete.




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